I’m really looking forward to the upcoming ShesGeeky2020 –

I was part of the last in person gathering and I continue to be part of a co-organizing triple threat 🧡


This was the original hope of the blog –

White folks – or anyone who is able to see the impact their own access to resources and power and knows the above statement needs centering right now.

How are you doing what you can to make this statement a reality in the immediate spaces around you?

Reading books and participating in conversations is such an important first step- and

No Common Sense?

Maybe this sounds like an insult to you?

When my every day is full of exchanges with people who walk in the world in ways that I don’t, it is a relief to consider -there is no such thing as common sense.

This phrase haunted me most of my life. Teachers and elders were always saying this to me since what made so much sense for people around me either made no sense to me or it didn’t occur to me. I felt shame at my unknowing, had moments of believing the teacher/elder that I was too “stupid”, uneducated, to understand what was obvious to everyone else.

I’m sure people still say that about me given that my life has unfolded on paths not walked by majorities. The difference now being that today I’m not confused by the statement. The sayer is now confused by my response.

These posts will be an exploration of the world today and how we make sense (or no sense) of our interactions with one another.